Legal Job: Associate at UnitedLex

Legal Job: Associate at UnitedLex

About Company

UnitedLex is a data and professional services company delivering outcomes that create value for high-performing law firms and corporate legal departments in the areas of digital litigation, intellectual property, contracts, compliance, and legal operations.

Job Description


  • To review documents as per the project protocol
  • Conduct Quality Control and Quality Assurance in accordance with the UnitedLex Document Review Manual
  • Perform tasks like creating searches and persistent highlighting
  • Provide effective written and verbal feedback to Associates on assignment performance.
  • Validating teams time entries
  • Escalate substantive issues and any other project-related issues of concern to Team Lead/Manager
  • Leading team huddles/sharing huddle notes
  • Draft client Decision Log entries for final review by Manager
  • Prepare and deliver case metrics (including productivity and quality metrics) for Team Lead/Manager review
  • Work flow management
  • Assist Team Lead/Manager in executing core UnitedLex Document Review processes
  • Participate in client calls on occasion
  • Managing project updates
  • Assist in training team on project protocols and Decision Log updates
  • Mentor Associates
  • Assist in departmental domain trainings and ESAT initiatives

Qualification & Exeperience

  • Understanding of legal fundamentals, methods & procedures
  • Basic proficiency in the following MS office skills Outlook, Excel, Word, Power Point.
  • Willingness to stretch and work on weekends to meet client deadlines.
  • LL.B./L.L.M.


  • Ready to work a 9 hour shift anywhere between 8:30am and 7:30pm.
  • Should be ready to stretch beyond regular hours
  • FTH – Duration will be dependent on project requirement/availability
  • Should be willing to travel on business for short and long durations readily
  • All specific company policies to apply without exception
  • Compulsory adherence of ISO/IEC 27001: 2005 guidelines



  • Openness to new ideas and ability to understand other’s points of view and adjusts his/her own approach accordingly.
  • Exhibit necessary attributes of confidence, tolerance, empathy, optimism and respect for others in times of change.

Communication Skills

  • Ability to effectively put across the information in the manner that is easy to understand.
  • Ability to retain the information and grasp the feedback.

Team Player

  • Ability to support the team by taking ownership, supporting and appreciating performance.
  • Ability to build professional relationship with peers, supervisor and client face.

Time Management & Schedule Adherence

  • Establishing a course of action for self to accomplish specific goals within the identified timelines.


  • Demonstrates accuracy and thoroughness and overall quality of work is as per the requirement specified


  • Treat people with respect, keep commitment and works with integrity

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