Supplementary Charge Sheet

What is a supplementary charge sheet?

A supplementary charge sheet is a police report which the police has filed in continuation of the preliminary charge sheet. Supplementary charge sheet is not filed in all the cases rather it depends from case to case. It may be because the FSL report was not available at the time of submitting the preliminary charge sheet, where after the submission of the police report, some new facts have come to fore and may be a new accused is arrested etc or the police did further investigation under section 173(8). Supplementary charge sheet is always in continuation of the investigation already conducted. Supplementary charge sheet is not a report on re-investigation which is not allowed.

What is the effect of a supplementary charge sheet on the trial of the case?

Supplementary charge sheet is the continuation of the preliminary charge sheet, so the new facts that have come to fore has to be put to the accused. If the charges have already been framed, then the same can be altered in line with the supplementary charge sheet. If new accused has been added, then the court may either re-frame the charge and start the trial afresh or may separate the case of both the accused.

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