Difference Between Riot, Affray and Assault

1. Riot is a violent outburst of unlaw­ful assembly of the people.Affray is a fight in a public place, especially one that disturbs people.Assault is a violent and sudden attack on enemy in private.
Place where it may be committed 
2. Riot may be commit ted anywhere, either in the public or in a private place.Affray can be committed only in public places.Assault may be committed in any place, public or private.
Number of persons required to commit the offence 
3. Riot must be committed by five or more persons.Affray is committed by two or more persons.Assault may be committed by one or more.
4. In riot there must be common object and it must be one of the five mentio­ned in Section 141 of the Code.In affray, there may be or may not be common object.In assault, there may be or may not be common object.
5. Riot is an offence against public peace with force or violence.Affray is an offence against the public peace.Assault is an offence against the person of the individual.
6. Riot is generally premeditated.Affray may be sudden and unpremeditated.Assault may be sudden and unpremeditated.
7. In rioting every mem­ber of the unlawful assembly is punish­able for rioting, al­though some of them may not have perso­nally used force or violence.In affray, the persons who actually enga­ged in an affray are liable for punishment.In assault, the person(s) assaulted only is/are punished.
Punishment (ordinarily) 
8. For riot, the ordinary punishment is impri­sonment of either description for two years or fine or both (Sec. 147 of the Code)For affray, the ordinary punishment is impris­onment of either des­cription for one month or fine up to Rs. 100 or both (Sec. 160 of the Code).For assault, the ordi­nary punishment is imprisonment of either description for three months or fine up to Rs. 500 or both (Sec. 352 of the Code)

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