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About the job

If you are passionate to work in the Legal and compliance space, here is a terrific role for you within our fast-growing business teams. Are you one who is interested in identifying the gaps and remove all the ambiguities? Keep reading!

At, we pride ourselves on hiring some of the smartest minds in the industry. These are the game changers, the visionaries who also roll up their sleeves & get stuff done! What a fantastic combination of skills! Strategic vision + Executional excellence! That is the superpower that fuels teams to push harder & aim higher every day. A culture that is easily one of the best in the industry & continues to attract top talent to work with us, it leads by example, with the spotlight on high initiative-taking, cross-team collaboration, transparency & continual learning, all whilst staying super grounded & humble! You’ll get to work alongside really amazing colleagues, from diverse backgrounds, further fueling the hunger to learn & outperform. We also have fantastic filter coffee & butler service, right to your desk. If you find yourself nodding along to most of the JD below, we can catch up for a quick conversation to understand the synergy between the role on the table and your aspirations.

I am sure these couple of mins will be worth investing in! Look forward to hearing from you.

What is the job like?

At, we are looking at beefing up our Compliance team to join our diverse global team Compliance Associate Manager to perform internal reviews or audits and manage compliance of guidelines and policies. The role further extends to the creation, maintenance, and implementation of Compliance manuals, in line with industry standards and regulations

Job Details

·       Location: Mumbai

·       Reporting to Director

·       Business: Apps and Affiliates

Roles and Responsibilities

·       Develop compliance processes and guidelines which can also function as a repository of standard compliance use cases

·       Stay abreast with changes in the legal and regulatory landscape

·       Maintain and update policies based on changes in industry regulations and approach

·       Advice relevant stakeholders on risks while actively solving for gaps

·       Conceptualize and execute relevant checks on internal process and partner/publisher activities to ensure adherence to our program policies, relevant laws and regulations

·       Review/approve applications for a product and provide relevant recommendations

·       Handle administration and resolution of compliance issues that arise via existing transactions

·       Collaborate with relevant functional teams (such as Product Marketing, Design and Copy,

·       Account Management, Product & Engineering) to conduct ongoing research to understand newer products, implementations, formats, layouts, etc. 

Qualification & Experience?

·       You have a work experience of 5 – 7 years, preferably with exposure to U.S. regulatory and compliance structures and processes

·       You have a Bachelor’s/Master’s degree in Business Administration/Law/Information Technology

·       You have excellent oral & written communication skills, along with the ability to liaise with various internal and external teams

·       You have experience with contract negotiations and drafting policies and procedures

·       You have great monitoring and coordination skills, and love to manage work items till the point of closure

·       You have great attention to detail and the ability to inspect an issue from various angles

·       You can leverage your logical and reasoning skills to identify issues, best solutions and approaches to a problem

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